Inspired by the changing of seasons and flavors from both home and abroad, Mary Hannah’s sweet, homemade treats are sure to make you smile! High quality, seasonal ingredients are her mediums of choice, and they result in flavorful, homey creations that are both elegant and rustic and suited for any occasion!

I’m Mary Hannah - baker and hospitality enthusiast. I currently live and work in Atlanta, GA. Mary Hannah Bakes is a one woman operation!  I do everything from baking to planning menus suited to any occasion. I specialize in seasonal treats and small gatherings. It is truly my passion and I enjoy the entire process. I hope that my treats and baked goods fill you with a sense of happiness and comfort that I try to channel with all of my creations.


I started baking when I was young from my mom’s retro Betty Crocker cookbooks. I would watch old Food Network shows and take about 2 hours to make one of Rachel Ray’s signature “30 minute meals.” Over time, I began to hone my skills and as I read and baked and traveled more, began experimenting with a wider variety of ingredients and seasonal cooking. Though I am an educator by day, baking has always been my passion and creative outlet. I am happiest when sharing baked goods with my loved ones, so Mary Hannah Bakes is the way that I can share these treats with YOU and the loved ones in your life.


My cooking style is homey and rustic but with an elegance that can be suited to any occasion. I specialize in small, intimate gatherings, such as baby or bridal showers and tailor my menus to the event and time of year. Additionally, I have a repertoire of treats that can be ordered year-round.


Most of my inspiration comes from the changing of the seasons and finding fresh, local ingredients. I also love drawing inspiration from my long-time cooking heroes, such as Ina Garten and Alison Roman.